New Emojis

Contributor, Ashley Barnes
Senior, Scotland High School

A few weeks ago, the iOs 8 was released and allowed iPhone 4’s or newer to upgrade. Along with the new technology was a new set of emojis, which was the main reason for the update. There has been a huge debate between users about if the new emojis, and placement of them, has helped or has just become more annoying. Both sides have many supporters for various different reasons.

Each emoji that resembles a human, now contains different skin tones and hair colors. The default for all these being a yellow-gold color. There are several new emojis such as a telescope, a baby bottle, and one hundred and forty eight new flags. Also new to the emoji family groups are a mixture of different and same sex parents and children. The most controversial of the emoji change has been the new skin tones of the people and the exclusion of redheads, any curly hair, or families with any skin tone at all.

Many people are not too happy with the update, one of them being senior, Amanda David. “The worst thing about the new update is that there are no red heads. Obviously I am, and I want to be able to use one that looks somewhat like me. There is black, blonde, and brown. Those are not the only hair colors and I hope eventually they will change it.”  Marlee Mercer also has her opinion on the different hair types introduced into the emoji family. Curly hair emojis are still nonexistent. “I do not use emojis that often, but when I do I think it would be nice to use an emoji with curly hair. I think there just is not a lot of people with curly hair, so the creators probably did not make one,” said Marlee.

Along with the new set of emojis has also come a new way of organizing them. The sections include People, Nature, Food & Drink, Celebration, Activity, Travel & Places, and Objects & Symbols. Instead of having the emojis lined 3 by 7 per page, they are now are in 5 rows, and are all on one continuous page. Despite the criticism, many people are happy with the new emojis. One of them being Quadrin Williams.“ I like the fact that there are new skin tones, and the new variety of people are things that I use pretty often. The new way they are set up, like how they are organized are a little confusing. It makes it hard to find everything, but I think I will get used to them after a while,” said Williams.

The iOs 8 update was the first to ever introduce new emojis since they originally came out. Even though the debate about the emojis, they seem to be a big success. Emoji suggestions are taken into consideration by clicking here.

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